Michael Fassbender: Foreign Film Actor and Adonis

Many actors warm your heart but only a rare few touch your soul. Michael Fassbender is the real thing. His performances are moving. Since high school I have loved foreign films and foreign actors. It all began with the 1985 film Subway starring Isabelle Adjani and Christopher Lambert when I was still in elementary. After that I watched BBC on satellite. Most of my days are spent doing technical writing for engineering projects so I am using this tumblr as a way to express my creative side. Hopefully I will be posting more of my own amateur photography and review of foreign stars and their movies soon. I live in California.


Hugh Jackman KOs George Clooney At Box Office

Real Steel is an instant classic. Congrats to Hugh Jackman!

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Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel has made $27 million to date and topped this past weekend’s box office. What a way to celebrate his 43rd birthday. He looks as good as ever.


Jackman’s Stanley is just as convincing he heals the heartbreak

What a contrast and this time its not Wolverine versus Magneto but their pre-X-MEN characters. As much as Connor was a cad its Jackman’s pre-claws role as Stanley the sweetheart that is an antidote to father hunger. Stanley starts out not in his daughter’s life because his ex-wife got sole custody and played the family court system against him. Enter pre-Storm Halle Berry as Ginger who gives him an opportunity to make alot of money fast so he can win back his beloved daughter Holly. Stanley says no at first until Ginger ask, "Have you talked to Holly lately?" Stanley reacts in anger and throws Ginger out but he agrees to the risky hacking job. In between Stanley risks being arrested by picking up Holly at school when she is forgotten by her mother. As for that other ginger, if Connor couldn’t love anyone but himself, Stanley can only love Holly completely and can’t bear to not be with his daughter.

So … in the realm of handsome Adonis … on one corner we have Hugh Jackman as Stanley in Swordfish and now as Charlie in Reel Steel … in the other corner we have Michael Fassbender as Connor in Fish Tank and now Dr. Jung (who also betrays his wife and children) in A Dangerous Method. Question of the Day: Who would you rather? The common denominator is that in both Fish Tank and Swordfish the daughter was neglected by a often drunk mother but the happy ending in one was up to the father. My choice: I love the nice guys!

Yes, I know it’s just a film but Fish Tank’s Connor deserved a left hook and a sucker punch from Swordfish’s Stanley and Real Steel’s Charlie.

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Fatherhood Redeemed: Hugh Jackman in Reel Steel

Hugh Jackman’s latest film opens today and its got a father redemption story as part of its storyline. Since I haven’t seen this film yet I can’t do a review but with all the father talk I decided to leave that theme behind on a good note. Jackman starts out as a deadbeat dad but he ends up bonding with his 11 year old son. Too bad his father character didn’t come with a daughter. Oh wait … that was Swordfish.

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